The Psychological Self

Unconcious CollusionThe training will introduce the theoretical framework of Sigmund Freud, a neurologist and founder of psycho-analysis. We will study his theory of the Unconscious; Dreams; Psycho-sexual development; Oedipal and Electra Complex; Id, Ego & Super-Ego; Life and Death drives; Freud’s theory of development is characterised by five stages or phases as follows:

The Oral stage which is personified by the infant’s pleasure and frustrations in nursing

The Anal stage which is personified by the toddler’s pleasure and frustrations in bowel movements

The Phallic stage which is personified by the child’s sexual pleasure and frustrations

The Latency stage which is personified by a period of socialisation

The Genital stage which is personified by puberty and sexual maturity

The developing child needs to receive the proper amount of satisfaction and frustration at any given stage in order to move on easily to the next stage of development; under or over gratification can lead to a fixation at that stage, which creates regression back to that stage later in life.

We will move on to the work of Melanie Klein and in particular her work on “Splitting”,“Envy” and “Projective Identification” and the later Object-Relations theorists – Donald Winnicott, Harry Guntrip, Ronald Fairbairn culminating in the Attachment theory of John Bowlby.

Practical Exploration

The training will invite participants to reveal areas of denial, dissociation, delusion and compulsive thinking which is distorting their view of reality. This will be done through a process of exposing our projection and splitting. We will explore our psychological relationships with friends, family and loved ones and crucially the psychological relationships between participants in this training to reveal the patterns which we use to protect our inner wounding. We will learn to understand that the other in front of us (whether it is a family member, lover, client or co-trainee) is always a mirror showing a deeper truth about ourselves which is often denied. We will discover and reveal the force of the Ego and how that influences our attitudes and interactions with others.