Lizzi Luminati

Lizzi LuminatiLizzi integrates a depth of clinical knowledge with thirty years experience in the fields of general health, psychiatry, psychoanalysis and spirituality. She originally trained as a general nurse in London in 1985. Within the NHS, she specialized in mental health, focusing upon the practice of group and individual psychotherapy. She undertook a post-graduate drama therapy diploma which incorporated a variety of therapeutic approaches as well as training in clinical supervision in psychotherapy in 1993.

In 1995 she undertook a rigorous seven year psychoanalytic psychotherapy training. During this time she embarked on personal psychoanalysis three times a week for nine years. For three years she lived and worked at a pioneering mental health centre as a residential psychotherapist working with severely damaged individuals, offering intensive group and individual psychotherapy. Her experience was consolidated as a Team Leader for a further ten years where she took a leadership role, supervising and teaching trainees as well as conducting psychoanalytic psychotherapy for individuals and families. She trained as a body psychotherapist in USA in 1998/99 and in 2003/2004 became a trainer in self-actualization. In 2009, she became a ‘presence facilitator’ and now works as an Awareness Facilitator/Instructor for One World Academy, running transformational programmes to develop the art of awareness.

Lizzi works as a sought-after psychotherapist with individuals, couples and groups. She combines a highly developed intuition with an in-depth understanding of the human psyche. The emphasis of her work is predominantly psycho-spiritual in nature, weaving the wisdom of the ancients with modern approaches to personal development.