Guy Gladstone

Guy GladstoneGuy Gladstone is one of the most experienced body psychotherapists in the UK, accredited for many years by The European Association for Body Psychotherapy and the UK Association of Humanistic Psychology Practitioners. In the 1970’s he experienced 3 years of bodymind therapy with Dr Glyn Seaborn Jones and trained in bioenergetics and biosynthesis with David Boadella, 2 of the pioneer figures in the British body psy field. From the 1980’s he spent nine years in psychoanalysis, four of which were 5 times a week. In the 1990’s he completed five years of training in analytical body psychotherapy with Sander Kirsch and Jacques Berliner.

On the expressive arts and movement side he studied Psychodrama with Ari Badaines and Francis Batten, The Rainbow of Desire with its originator Augusto Boal, Authentic Movement with Linda Hartley and Helen Payne, and Selbstdarstellung (a little known fast track to social ecstasy) during visits to the AAO communes in Berlin, Geneva and Friedrichshof in Austria.

He has been running weekend and weekly ongoing groups for thirty years at The Open Centre in London EC1. He is also a qualified coach with a special interest in working with environmental activists, performing artists and holistic practitioners. Before training as a therapist he listened to many moving stories as an owner driver with an international furniture removals business. Guy works with a clear intellect and deep empathy, plus a healthy sense of irreverence and a good measure of mischief.

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