Anna Wallas

_DSC5064Anna is a writer, who specialises in first person articles on her inner journey and spiritual growth. For twenty five years she has written for every national newspaper under her maiden name, Anna Pasternak, with her unique authentic voice on her quest for happiness and fulfilment.

Having written a book, Call Off The Search, with her husband, Andrew Wallas, about the inner dynamics of a modern relationship, there were frequent requests from couples whose marriages were in crisis to see Anna and Andrew together for couples support. Out of this work, Anna and Andrew have developed a new framework for understanding the destructive patterns within relationships and for empowering individuals and couples to create more intimacy and harmony in their relationships.

Anna has been on her own psycho-spiritual journey for thirty years and is passionate about supporting others to grow psychologically, emotionally and spiritually through relationship. Using her relentless honesty, from her own experience of the inauthentic masculine (achieving, doing, independence and driven) towards embodying the authentic feminine (creativity, wisdom and receiving) she gives others permission to transform in this way.