Andrew Wallas

Andrew WallasThe bulk of the training will be delivered by Andrew Wallas:

Andrew Wallas has been described in the Daily Mail as a “Modern Day Wizard” who “transforms your energy”, creating “alchemical shift.”

In 1982 Andrew underwent a 13 year period of psycho-analysis three times a week, followed by 15 years participation in both individual and group work with various Bioenergetics, Biosynthesis, Humanistic, Gestalt, Primal and Re-Birthing practitioners. In 1988 he completed a full-time 3 year degree in Theology and Philosophy at London University (Heythrop College) and in 1990 underwent a 4 year training in Neo-Reichian bodywork within an object-relations framework.

Other influences include a 2 year training in Existential and Group psychotherapy at Regents College, London and a Masters Degree in The Psychology of Psychotherapy and Counselling from Antioch University. He has also experienced the Hoffman Process, The Arrigo Programme and four levels of training/process with the Oneness University in India: Doors to Oneness – Level 1, Oneness Awakening – Level 2, Oneness Training Programme and the Advanced Training Programme.

Andrew has participated in various courses at the Penninghame Foundation, of which he is now Chairman, including the Oneness Intensive, the Primal Intensive and the Health Process. He continues to attend at least 2 deep processes each year and has worked with Chuck Spezzano, Arjuna Ardagh, Armand, Kari Paues, Anthony Robbins and many other great teachers.

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