Amanda Philips

Amanda has worked within the field of Holistic Health and Well-being for over 30 years. Having passion for personal transformation she works with the healing power of the breath to increase life-force and release blocks to leading a full, creative, joyful and abundant life. She works organically trusting in change and the power and beauty of the moment of ‘Now’.  Amanda loves to attune and flow with the seasonal changes throughout the wheel of the year in nature acknowledging how this reflects our own growth. Her background is in Holistic bodywork, spiritual psychology, Ayurvedic consultancy, Rebirthing – Integrative Breathwork Therapy, Shamanic practise and facilitating conscious dance and movement.  Teaching Ecstatic Awakening Dance, Yoga, Meditation and mindfulness with the breath. She has also studied Ritual Theatre and The Therapeutic Intervention of the Arts. Amanda works intuitively, trusting in her innate wisdom and deep connection with the elemental realms of transformation, spiritual purification and pure joy. She holds a safe space of deep love and acceptance for all that is allowing for deep personal change and positive growth toward empowering ourselves fully.